Wisconsin Regional Orthoimagery Consortium

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The Wisconsin Regional Orthoimagery Consortium (WROC) is a multi-entity group whose goal is to build and sustain a multi-participant program to acquire digital orthoimagery and elevation data throughout Wisconsin for use in tasks ranging from tax assessment to emergency management. In 2014 and 2015 alone, this program resulted in high-resolution digital aerial imagery for 43 counties and high-accuracy lidar for topographic mapping in 17 counties. Many municipalities have also joined the effort to acquire buy-up products to serve numerous municipal planning and engineering applications.

Ayres has been reselected to carry out the next cycle of WROC, marking the sixth time since 1995 that a regional consortium in Wisconsin has worked together with this goal. In 2010 the public gained access to statewide aerial imagery coverage through this program. Over the years public and private partners have contributed significant funds toward imagery and lidar projects in exchange for access to these high-quality spatial datasets. Partners include utilities, electric cooperatives, tribes, municipalities, private industry, and state and federal agencies. Examples of diverse products within the WROC program include:

  • 6-inch or 12-inch resolution orthoimagery for countywide projects

  • 3-inch resolution for municipalities

  • 18-inch resolution derivative regional datasets

  • Lidar with 1-foot and 2-foot contours for floodplain studies

  • Detailed planimetric mapping for GIS

  • Multispectral imagery for environmental analysis and forestry

To facilitate a cooperative approach for orthoimagery data acquisition, the team worked with the Wisconsin land information community to strengthen relationships among local, regional, state, and federal entities, as well as tribes and utilities. The program is designed to allow all participants to receive products and services tailored to their individual geospatial needs. Participants were given a range of orthoimagery options from 3-inch to 12-inch resolution in addition to specialized formatting and coordinate system outputs. Customized photogrammetric and lidar services also make up a significant part of the WROC program.

The American Council of Engineering Companies of Wisconsin presented Best of State Awards to both the 2015 and 2010 WROC programs.

Project Details for 2014-15 Cycle

The WROC team deployed 10 aircraft with precision aerial sensors over dozens of counties to capture imagery in a short window of opportunity during no-snow, leaf-off conditions. Details include:

  • 40,000+ square miles of imagery acquired for 43 counties

  • 15,000+ square miles of lidar for 17 counties

  • 20+ municipal customized mapping and imagery projects

  • Approximately $6 million in total project fees

  • Approximate project timeline of March 2015 to December 2015

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North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission


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Schools/Regional Government