Our project managers know their stuff, and they know their clients.

Hire Smart

The amount of brain power embodied in the staff of Ayres Associates would be downright scary if it weren’t for the fact that it’s used in such noble pursuits. How did we get so smart? Do we hire recent graduates with great GPAs and seasoned professionals with long lists of project experience? Certainly. But we find out the really important stuff when we sit down with an applicant. Will our clients click with this person? Will clients see an exceptional listener and confident communicator in this staff member? Will this hire be a good fit?

And our quest for excellence doesn’t end when we hire those carefully selected people and trust them to take care of our clients. We make them even better by immersing them in our company culture of integrity, family, and community.

There. We’ve done our part. Now it’s your turn. Hire smart.

And When You Do …

Here’s what you’ll get: Superb project managers bolstered by education and support. Technical and team-related training puts our project managers in a position to stretch clients’ dollars and solve problems swiftly. All this while also focusing on building long-term relationships as trusted members of our clients’ teams and respected stewards within the regulatory community. With every project we see our clients’ future more clearly.


Our filterable database makes it easy to check out the credentials of key staff in the disciplines of interest to you – and to contact them directly to get more information.


We don’t chase projects. We build careers based on long-term relationships with clients who appreciate smart solutions for the long haul.


Our offices in the Midwest, Southeast, and West serve clients around the nation, and each has a distinct culture that makes it a good fit for our staff and our clients.