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GIS Day is Cause for Celebration, and Here’s Why

By Dick Kleinmann, PLS Geographic information systems, or GIS, are the combination of geographical features and powerful databases. Municipal governments and local utilities rely on this technology to gather, manage, and analyze high-level spatial information. With today being GIS Day, it only seems fitting to discuss some of the ways GIS services meet clients’ everyday… Read More »

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Intelligent Transportation Systems Help Keep Drivers Safe in Work Zones

Work zones bring more than just heavy traffic and headaches – they also bring hazards. Drivers must pay close attention in work zones to successfully drive through the complex array of signs, barrels, and lane shifts. Distracted driving (taking hands off the wheel, eyes off the road, or mind off the road) has contributed to… Read More »

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Transportation Designers Avoid Cemeteries – and Not Just on Halloween

By Troy Robillard, PE Our transportation engineers avoid cemeteries at all costs – not because they’re spooky (especially on Halloween) but because having a road run into a burial site causes all sorts of headaches for clients, contractors, and the design team. A current intersection reconstruction project on CTH CE and Railroad Street in the… Read More »

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