Traffic Safety Strategies, New Guidance Lead to Positive Impact

By Andy Rowell, PE, PTOE Imagine your community having zero serious injuries or fatalities from traffic crashes. A lofty goal, indeed, but communities can implement strategies and new federal guidelines to help reach that goal. New Traffic Safety Guidance The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recently published the new National Roadway Safety Strategy (NRSS). This document… Read More »

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Have Questions About IIJA Funding? We’ve Got Answers.

By Scott Wilson, PSS Vice President of Development Services, Ayres The recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) is a hot topic in the A/E industry and for many communities looking to have projects funded in this once-in-a-lifetime funding opportunity. With funding flowing for roads, bridges, brownfields, water, and other municipal needs, there are… Read More »

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How to Minimize the Impact of Urban Heat Islands

By Karina Veaudry, PLA Many city dwellers flee to the countryside to cool off when summer’s heat hits – and for good reason. Urban areas tend to be hotter than the surrounding countryside because of the “urban heat island” effect. Urban heat islands occur in urbanized areas where vegetation and trees have been greatly reduced… Read More »

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