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Public/Private Partnerships Add Spark to Communities’ Development Success

By Mike Scholl As communities look to attract private development partners, it is critical to understand what you need to do for a successful public/private partnership. Vision, timing, and flexibility should be at the forefront of every discussion. Development projects are challenging, and as a public partner, understanding what you need to bring to the… Read More »

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Thinking Beyond the Box: Modern Storage Methods

Tour enough ruins of ancient civilizations and eventually you’ll see windowless interior rooms, usually with just one entrance. Prison cell? Least desirable living quarters for people of low social standing? Probably not, archeologists say. These rooms probably served as warehouses, used to store the harvest or other valuable goods. People have always set aside areas… Read More »

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Permeable Pavement, Pavers Can Be Part of Stormwater Management Solution

Here’s an intriguing thought: Sometimes the best pavement surface is one that isn’t dense and solid. Permeable pavement – also called pervious paving – allows runoff and rainfall to infiltrate through the surface to the soil below. That can be a real asset for communities searching for ways to more effectively move water off streets,… Read More »

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