Does It Matter if Your Surveyor Is Licensed?

By Nathan Vaughn, PLS, and Richard Kleinmann, PLS Does it matter whether you retain a licensed professional land surveyor? It does, and here’s why: If you hire a professional land surveyor, you know you’re getting someone who has demonstrated through rigorous examination that they have your state’s required level of education and have earned recent… Read More »

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Have Questions About IIJA Funding? We’ve Got Answers.

By Scott Wilson, PSS The recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) is a hot topic in the A/E industry and for many communities looking to have projects funded in this once-in-a-lifetime funding opportunity. With funding flowing for roads, bridges, brownfields, water, and other municipal needs, there are more possibilities than ever for money… Read More »

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High Mast Light Poles Light the Way for Drivers

By Michael Noesen, PE, and Tim Howell, CBI It’s a given that nighttime driving is more hazardous than daytime driving. Visibility decreases even when a vehicle’s headlights are on. High mast lighting is one of the tools roadway engineers use to help improve visibility for motorists. It provides a safer environment for motorists when designed… Read More »

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