Ayres for College Students

Having a co-op student experience or an internship on your resume is one of the best ways to make sure your resume rises to the top of the stack once you graduate. Especially a co-op or internship experience completed at Ayres.

Ayres Associates regularly offers internships and co-op student opportunities so you can learn alongside some of the best professionals in the many fields in which we serve our clients. Besides hitting the ground running upon graduating, here are some reasons to get an internship or a co-op student experience under your belt:

  • These paid experiences help you to confirm which specializations you really enjoy, allowing you to tailor your selection of classes to best prepare you for that specialization.
  • You make valuable connections within the industry.
  • You gain confidence in your chosen vocation.

Internships are summer positions, and co-op positions run from the spring semester through summer or from summer through the fall semester. Ayres Associates makes every effort to involve co-op students in projects that are relevant to their career interests.

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