We provide smart, creative solutions. How we do that makes all the difference.

Our Foundation

In the late 1950s when former WWII pilot Owen Ayres started as a structural engineer in a one-room office in Wisconsin, one of the main company assets was an old Plymouth station wagon. Instead of a raise, Owen was offered a chance to one day buy the company. He did just that a few years later, and decades on, that tiny office and beat-up Plymouth have turned into multiple offices and hundreds of employees across the country.


Our Values

How Owen accomplished this is so ingrained into our company culture that, to this day, we maintain those same values:

  1. We have commitment to community.
  2. We work with clients as partners.
  3. We provide smart, creative solutions.
  4. We conduct business with integrity.
  5. We challenge, support, and recognize our employee owners.