Gilman Cheese ALTA

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This ALTA was provided on two sites totaling 8.1 acres in the Village of Gilman in Taylor County. The survey was a component of a property acquisition ushered by our client, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren.  This project featured an aggressive schedule due to the purchase schedule, and the field work took place during January with almost 30 inches of snow on the ground. 

We met the client’s aggressive schedule and stayed within the budget. We used aerial mapping imagery from our previous Wisconsin Regional Orthoimagery Consortium project for Taylor County to verify pavement edges and mapping of features that may have been covered by snow. 

We were asked to provide a Federal Emergency Management Agency Letter of Map Amendment elevation certificate because the property was along the Yellow River, which required the acquiring partner to carry flood insurance.

Project Information

Client's Name

Gilman Cheese Corporation


Gilman, WI

Primary Service



Industrial + Manufacturing