Medford State Street over Black River Bridge Replacement

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The City of Medford retained Ayres to design the replacement of the State Street bridge over the Black River in Taylor County. The previous single-span bridge, built in 1922, was 45.9 feet long with a deck width of 28.9 feet.

The new bridge is a 44-foot-long single-span concrete flat slab bridge on vertical pile-encased abutments. It has a clear roadway width of 30 feet and 8-foot-wide raised sidewalks on each side. A special wingwall layout was required to tie into the adjacent buildings and approaches. An aesthetic concrete form liner and concrete staining were used on the exposed concrete faces. Approximately 100 feet of approaches were also replaced as part of this project.

Services include providing design reports; environmental documentation; hazardous materials assessment; public involvement; meetings; surveys; road and structure plans; and plans, specifications, and estimates. Construction was in 2019.

Project Information

Client's Name

City of Medford


Medford, WI

Primary Service

Structural Design & Analysis


Local Government