River Falls High School Remodel

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River Falls High School received a variety of upgrades and new finishes in a remodel affecting all areas of the building. All four Learning Commons in the classroom wing were reconfigured into student breakout spaces outfitted with versatile furniture that provides individual, small, and large group seating options. Classrooms, the media center, and the Learning Commons received new flooring. Three classrooms near the wood and metal shops were overhauled and renovated into STEM labs to better serve students’ growing interests in areas such as 3-D printing and robotics.

New sound controls, projection screens, stage lighting, and house lighting brought the 20-year-old auditorium up to current standards. The flooring below the audience seating was refinished with an epoxy system providing durability that will last for years to come. The natatorium upgrades included a new pool liner and tile, new diving blocks, and fiberglass-reinforced plastic doors to eliminate future corrosion. The pool dehumidification unit was replaced with a larger unit to improve ventilation and air quality. Around the school, new stainless steel doors and interior windows replaced rusted frames.

Exterior areas received major upgrades, most notably the new artificial turf field and field lights, which now provide a practice field for soccer, football, and marching band. The running track and long jump surrounding the artificial turf field were rebuilt and resurfaced, completing the renovation. A new road and parking lot were built near the baseball fields for easier access for visitors to the south end of the play fields. The eight-court tennis facility was resurfaced, giving it a much needed facelift. Site improvements included a new road and parking lot built near the baseball fields for easier visitor access to the south end of the fields.


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