Our experts provide clients with an impressive toolbox of customized aerial and ground-based mapping solutions.


It’s no secret that quality and detailed mapping is becoming increasingly valuable. Public and private entities know that accurate, up-to-date mapping provides a key tool for making informed, timely decisions. Our aerial and ground-based mapping solutions – LiDAR, digital aerial imagery, and conventional survey – let us come at projects from many angles. We sit down with counties, municipalities, regional planning commissions, utilities, and transportation departments to cooperatively design mapping solutions that best put their jurisdictions and corridors on paper and in accessible databases.

GeoNEW-Aerial Imagery

Our Leica RCD30 digital camera collects highly detailed imagery for a broad range of engineering and environmental applications. This aerial camera captures natural color and infrared (IR) bands. The IR band is well-suited for mapping tree canopies, locating invasive plant species, and capturing aquatic vegetation. In addition to our RCD30, we provide imagery from large-format platforms, including the Z/I DMC II and Microsoft UltraCam.

GeoNEW-Digital Orthoimagery

We provide large- and small-scale orthoimagery in panchromatic, color, and color infrared, with ground resolutions as detailed as 2 inches. We guide our clients through the maze of options and help them make cost-effective decisions through customized solutions.

GeoNEW-Photogrammetric Mapping

Aerial imagery can be used for high accuracy photogrammetric map compilation of topography and planimetric features. Detailed planimetrics (such as buildings, roads, utilities, hydrography, and impervious surfaces) can be collected in conjunction with digital terrain models and contours for many engineering applications. We provide photogrammetric mapping services to DOTs, municipalities, and utility companies.

GeoNEW-Aerial LiDAR

This remote-sensing technology produces surface models from measured laser pulses emitted from a helicopter or plane. Captured data supports high-accuracy digital terrain models and extraction of detailed planimetric information. Ayres applies these systems to a diverse range of applications, including electrical transmission and distribution, floodplain and stormwater management, municipal mapping, transportation design, and forest canopy analytics.

GeoNEW-Mobile LiDAR

Ayres Associates offers truck-mounted LiDAR collection that is well-suited to surveying corridors and is capable of achieving survey grade accuracy. Mobile LiDAR is commonly used to support transportation design, asset inventory, and quality control of as-built construction.

GeoNEW-HD Scanning

Tripod-based terrestrial HD LiDAR scanning is suitable for as-built survey for electrical transmission and distribution, modeling of conductor crossings, substation mapping, building infrastructure, and industrial asset management.

GeoNEW-GIS Consulting

As a multidisciplinary firm, we know how GIS applications can streamline the use of transportation, utility, and municipal engineering information. We have experience in many GIS and CAD platforms, including ESRI ArcGIS, MicroStation, Intergraph, and AutoCAD. We develop interactive and static exhibits and offer expert testimony for GIS-based analysis.


When your project is on the line, let Ayres provide boundary, control, and topographic/site surveying services. Our topographic surveying and mapping have been used to lay the groundwork for site, highway, and utility corridor designs. Ayres also provides remonumentation (PLSS) and global positioning systems (GPS) services.