Kewaunee CTH S over Ahnapee River Bridge Replacement

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The Kewaunee County Highway Department retained Ayres to design the replacement of the CTH S bridge over the Ahnapee River in Algoma.

The design was for the replacement of a single-span steel through girder bridge, which was approximately 105 feet long with a clear roadway width of 26 feet. The bridge was a fracture-critical structure, meaning that if one of the two girders supporting the bridge were to fail, part or all of the bridge probably would collapse. It had a sufficiency rating of 25.1 out of 100 and was constructed in 1949.

The new structure is a two-span concrete haunched slab bridge with a clear roadway width of 32 feet. 

Ayres’ services included topographic survey, environmental assessment, Wisconsin Department of Transportation reports, utility coordination, storm sewer design, public involvement, right-of-way plat, preliminary and final bridge and roadway design, specifications, and quantities.

Project Information

Client's Name

Kewaunee County Highway Department


Kewaunee County, WI

Primary Service

Roadway Design


Local Government