Eau Claire Parks ADA Accessibility Audit

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The City of Eau Claire hired Ayres to provide an evaluation of all of its Parks and Recreation structures for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The 28 parks included 382 acres, 28 miles of trails, one ice arena, one baseball stadium, one football stadium, and many playground structures and restroom facilities.

Ayres evaluated all facilities for physical accessibility and provided the City with a comprehensive report/evaluation checklist that detailed all areas inspected and noted either compliance or non-compliance of each item. Ayres staff met regularly with the City to describe the process and to make sure the services and deliverables provided were understood and usable by the City as its park compliance evolved.

Ayres staff also met with and described to the City how particular physical barriers presented difficulty for park patrons. Ayres provided cost estimates for each deficiency and included a brief explanation of how to remedy each item. A one-page summary list was used for each park that described the programs offered, the level of facility use, and non-compliant items ranging from high to low. In the two years since the study was completed, Ayres continues to provide the City with consultation on the evaluation and Transition Plan as the City seeks to improve its accessibility to include all residents and visitors.

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