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Drones Can Handle Cost-effective Volume Estimates

By Paul Crocker If you have ever had to order topsoil or mulch for a yard improvement project, you understand the difficulty of accurately estimating the volume of an irregularly shaped pile of material. Counties and municipalities often need to estimate the volume of their stockpiles of sand, salt, or gravel. About the Expert: Paul… Read More »

UAS Oblique Imagery Helps in Design and Monitoring of Projects

By Paul Crocker Drones have revolutionized managers’ ability to collect updated imagery for project design and construction monitoring. While the standard nadir (straight down) imagery and lidar is commonly used for topographic mapping and planimetrics, oblique imagery is another valuable option to build a complete picture of the project site. About the Expert: Paul Crocker,… Read More »

What’s New in Geospatial? Five Takeaways from Geo Week 2022

By Karen Shank In the geospatial realm, technology evolves at Mach speed, and it’s critical we keep our pulse on emerging trends and techniques. Professional conferences are a great way to network with peers, learn from industry leaders, and stay abreast of what’s ahead. In our industry, there is no greater stage for this than… Read More »