Category: Geospatial Services

PCI, PASER Provide Road Surface Report Cards

By Mark Petersen, PE, and Richard Kleinmann, PLS Anyone driving a vehicle on a bumpy, rutted, potholed roadway can determine that the road needs attention, but the agencies responsible for funding repairs and replacements need a more reliable, scientific way to determine where limited highway dollars should be invested. About the Expert: Mark Petersen has… Read More »

UAS Technology Delivers Precise Orthoimagery, Quality Inspections

By Paul Crocker The latest in drone-mounted medium format metric camera technology delivers benefits to clients who require high-precision orthoimagery over areas that are too small for a traditional manned aircraft approach or who need superior-quality inspection imagery delivered by unmanned aerial systems (UAS). About the Expert: Paul Crocker, an FAA certified UAS pilot with… Read More »

Task Force Co-Chairs Offer a Call to Action for Wisconsin’s Geospatial Community

By Dick Kleinmann, PLS, and Howard Veregin Changes are coming to improve the National Spatial Reference System – the system that defines latitude, longitude, height, and orientation – and Wisconsin’s municipalities, counties, and state agencies are going to want to take note of a quickly approaching deadline. About the Experts: Dick Kleinmann is a project… Read More »