Category: Geospatial Services

Drones Can Handle Cost-effective Volume Estimates

By Paul Crocker If you have ever had to order topsoil or mulch for a yard improvement project, you understand the difficulty of accurately estimating the volume of an irregularly shaped pile of material. Counties and municipalities often need to estimate the volume of their stockpiles of sand, salt, or gravel. About the Expert: Paul… Read More »

How to design telecom networks accurately, safely, efficiently: The geospatial approach

Lidar point cloud draped over mobile imagery with extracted points of attachments (POA). By Nik Anderson and Zachary Nienow Integrating geospatial technology into telecom design leverages data from remote sensing to map out existing conditions in the field. Collectively this includes imagery, lidar, and GIS data for the accurate location and measurement of existing infrastructure.… Read More »

The Many Benefits of Elevation-derived Hydrography

By Tyler Kaebisch Hydrography data is crucial to a wide range of essential applications, from infrastructure management to flood mitigation. State agencies, soil and water conservation districts, engineering departments, and more all rely on stream and river data. About the Expert: Tyler Kaebisch is a project manager in the aerial mapping group at Ayres, He’s… Read More »