Category: Geospatial Services

Plan Ahead: Proactive Approach Can Help Communities Bounce Back When Disaster Strikes

By Craig Gooding, Chris Goodwin, PE, and Craig Schuh, PE When people think of resilience, disaster recovery is often the first thing that comes to mind. But recovery is just that – bouncing back after disaster has struck. But what if communities took a proactive approach, so when disasters happen (and they will!), those communities… Read More »

Providing Perspective: What is Geospatial?

By Jason Krueger, CP, GISP, and Nathan Vaughn, PLS Geospatial: The word evokes images of space and science and high technology. While there is a link, geospatial is really just any data that is related to or correlated with a geographic location. Today’s geospatial technology measures down to sub-centimeter accuracy using precision laser instruments. With the… Read More »

The Many Benefits of Elevation-derived Hydrography

By Tyler Kaebisch Hydrography data is crucial to a wide range of essential applications, from infrastructure management to flood mitigation. State agencies, soil and water conservation districts, engineering departments, and more all rely on stream and river data. About the Expert: Tyler Kaebisch is a project manager in the aerial mapping group at Ayres, He’s… Read More »