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Ayres Lidar Online: Viewing Your World in a 3D Space

Colorized lidar point cloud in the 3D viewer By Adam Derringer, GISP Lidar data has become the accepted authoritative elevation dataset in the world; federal agencies, states, counties, utilities, and the private sector alike budget for this data to help solve problems every day. The problem is, only a few people in any organization can… Read More »

A Decade of Changes in Infrastructure Design

With another decade in the books – and a new one starting up – it’s time to look back on some of the most interesting questions in the architecture/engineering world that technology has answered in the last 10 years. What Will the Finished Project Look Like? How can most people (who aren’t engineers or professional… Read More »

Surveyors Stepping Up to International Foot

By Richard Kleinmann, PLS How long is a foot? Well, that depends on who’s doing the measuring, what state they are doing the measuring in, and what measuring “stick” they are using. Land surveyors in most U.S. states use the U.S. survey foot. The rest of the world, including some U.S. states, uses what’s known… Read More »