Category: Geospatial Services

Does It Matter if Your Surveyor Is Licensed?

By Nathan Vaughn, PLS, and Richard Kleinmann, PLS Does it matter whether you retain a licensed professional land surveyor? It does, and here’s why: If you hire a professional land surveyor, you know you’re getting someone who has demonstrated through rigorous examination that they have your state’s required level of education and have earned recent… Read More »

Coming Full Circle: 360-Degree View Aids Projects

By Paul Crocker Everything from shopping to schooling has seemingly gone virtual these days. Taking 360° virtual project tours is now possible too. If you have questions, we have answers: About the Expert: Paul Crocker is a project manager in our survey group. He performs and oversees unmanned aerial system (UAS) missions, coordinates UAS pilots… Read More »

Ayres Lidar Online: Viewing Your World in a 3D Space

Colorized lidar point cloud in the 3D viewer By Adam Derringer, GISP Lidar data has become the accepted authoritative elevation dataset in the world; federal agencies, states, counties, utilities, and the private sector alike budget for this data to help solve problems every day. The problem is, only a few people in any organization can… Read More »