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How to Think Like A Developer: Getting the Most from Public/Private Partnerships

By Amanda Arnold, AICP and Mike Scholl, EDFP Have you ever wondered why one redevelopment project moves forward while another one stalls? What makes it work for the developer? How can a jurisdiction create incentives for developers, and what should those incentives be? Too often communities are left asking, “Did we give away too much?”… Read More »

Colorado Brings Outdoor Winter Dining Concept to Reality

Illustration courtesy of Winter Outdoor Design Workshop Charette Team By David Land, LEED AP As the COVID pandemic stretched from spring to summer, the warm weather gave struggling restaurant-owners an option to maintain and, in some cases, increase their seating capacity by bringing their patrons outdoors. While the summer weather allowed some restaurants to take… Read More »

Main Street Program Creativity Brings Positivity to “New Normal”

By Matt Ashby, AICP CUD, and Logan Ward, AICP In response to COVID-19, public health restrictions have altered the daily operations for businesses. Hit especially hard are the local shops residing on the main streets of communities across the nation. As we see states and communities start to transition from stay-at-home to safer-at-home to a… Read More »