Category: Planning

Resilience and Sustainability: Now and Later

By Subrata Bandy There is no question the pandemic has shifted priorities for a lot of individuals and entities. This past year has forced us to become resilient, as businesses, communities, and people. Resilience is the ability to recover quickly and bounce back from difficult situations. But the trend we are seeing is that we’re… Read More »

On the Move: How Will COVID Housing Trends Affect Residential Planning?

By Amanda Arnold Will the hypothetical COVID-19-induced exodus from urban areas produce a wave of infrastructure-busting development along the outer edge of America’s suburbs? Or could the pendulum just as well swing the other way? About the Expert: Contact Amanda Arnold, urban planner, to get help with strategic and comprehensive plans, whether your community is… Read More »

How to Think Like A Developer: Getting the Most from Public/Private Partnerships

By Amanda Arnold, AICP and Mike Scholl, EDFP Have you ever wondered why one redevelopment project moves forward while another one stalls? What makes it work for the developer? How can a jurisdiction create incentives for developers, and what should those incentives be? Too often communities are left asking, “Did we give away too much?”… Read More »