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Quality of Life and Community Resilience: Ensuring a Vibrant Future for Downtown

By Jason Ilstrup and Mike Scholl A community’s goal for its downtown is that it enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors by providing a hub where people come together. Over the past 18 months, however, the resiliency of downtowns has been tested more than it has for decades. Among the keys to… Read More »

Strategic Planning for Investments in Outdoor Recreation and Infrastructure

By Amanda Arnold, AICP Communities seeking to grow in their economic resilience may be tempted to put the cart before the horse. Local leaders and stakeholders must be mindful not to launch new projects and/or programs before doing the self-examination and strategic planning necessary to promote success. Examples where an introspective and strategic planning approach… Read More »

Wayfinding systems provide easy way for visitors to get from Point A to Point B

By David Land, LEED AP If you’ve ever been lost in the woods, spent hours searching for your car in a municipal parking garage, or stumbled upon every building on campus except the one in which your first class of the semester is meeting, you know the importance of wayfinding. About the Expert: David Land,… Read More »