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Defining the Waters of the United States

Ayres’ East Side Detention Facility project in Colorado required water quality permitting through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. By Karen Menne-Jacobsen, PE, CFM We need clean water to drink and stay healthy. Streams, lakes, rivers, and other water bodies filter pollutants, recharge groundwater, slow erosion, provide wildlife habitat, offer flood protection, and have abundant… Read More »

Bioswales: More Than Just a Ditch

Consider the lowly ditch: a sometimes weed-choked area along the side of the roadway or at the edge of a parking lot. It’s there to catch precipitation draining off the solid surface – and too often also becomes a catch basin for discarded aluminum cans and fast-food wrappers. But here’s a twist: What if a… Read More »

Something to Celebrate: Long-Term Partnerships

So far, the year 2020 has brought surprise after (frequently unwelcome) surprise. One thing that hasn’t been surprising is the dedication of many essential service workers. Beyond healthcare and emergency workers, municipal and utility workers all over the nation also showed their dedication by keeping the lights on, the water running, the garbage picked up,… Read More »