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Permeable Pavement, Pavers Can Be Part of Stormwater Management Solution

Here’s an intriguing thought: Sometimes the best pavement surface is one that isn’t dense and solid. Permeable pavement – also called pervious paving – allows runoff and rainfall to infiltrate through the surface to the soil below. That can be a real asset for communities searching for ways to more effectively move water off streets,… Read More »

Long-Term Partnership Leads to Healthy Community

Long-term relationships can bring huge benefits to everyone involved. Think about the difference between visiting the emergency room and visiting your family physician. The medical staff in the emergency room will fix your current problem, but the family physician is focused on keeping you healthy and minimizing the need for emergency treatment. It’s like that… Read More »

Project Designs Incorporate Protections for Endangered, Threatened Species

Most students entering the fields of engineering, planning, or landscape architecture probably don’t give much thought to protecting Northern long-eared bats, manatees, Kirtland’s warblers, or Higgins’ eye pearlymussels. As careers progress, however, it’s likely these professionals will deal with an animal or plant that is on the federal endangered and threatened species list while designing… Read More »