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Clients Can Find Success with Fast-Track Project Schedule

The term “fast-tracked” is often overused in our industry. Fast-tracked defines a design process that begins before all the information is known, in hopes redesign is not required once that information is acquired. Architects, planners, and engineers often need months and sometimes years to guide a project through the schematic design and planning phase, only… Read More »

A Decade of Changes in Infrastructure Design

With another decade in the books – and a new one starting up – it’s time to look back on some of the most interesting questions in the architecture/engineering world that technology has answered in the last 10 years. What Will the Finished Project Look Like? How can most people (who aren’t engineers or professional… Read More »

Thinking Beyond the Box: Modern Storage Methods

Tour enough ruins of ancient civilizations and eventually you’ll see windowless interior rooms, usually with just one entrance. Prison cell? Least desirable living quarters for people of low social standing? Probably not, archeologists say. These rooms probably served as warehouses, used to store the harvest or other valuable goods. People have always set aside areas… Read More »