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Transforming the Healthcare Experience: Aligning People, Place, and Services for a New Era

By Joe Heinowski Revolutionizing Patient Intake The Customer Care Center: A New Paradigm Putting Hospitality in Hospitals Conclusion In the intricate ecosystem of healthcare, the traditional facility layout and operational model often led to a fragmented customer service experience. Patients and their families navigated through a maze of departments—reception, registration, scheduling, cashiering, insurance verification, and… Read More »

Bringing Employees Back to the Office? Four Design Tips to Make It Easier

By Anne Peterson If you’re like many businesses, you’re likely evaluating how your existing workplace can support a phased re-entry for your employees. We’ve been studying our own options as well as helping other businesses with their strategies and have found the following four elements to be the most useful — without the cost of… Read More »

Healthy Office Design More Important than Ever

By David Delfosse and Anne Peterson The pandemic has many office employees working from home rather than risk the close quarters of many existing office buildings. While effective, it doesn’t quite replace the collaboration and continuation of a company’s culture that comes from people working together in the same building. To maintain your office for… Read More »