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Thinking Beyond the Box: Modern Storage Methods

Tour enough ruins of ancient civilizations and eventually you’ll see windowless interior rooms, usually with just one entrance. Prison cell? Least desirable living quarters for people of low social standing? Probably not, archeologists say. These rooms probably served as warehouses, used to store the harvest or other valuable goods. People have always set aside areas… Read More »

It Just Makes Cents: Four Ways to Save Money on Your New Building

By Raivo Balciunas, AIA, LEED AP Few people in the world can truly say “money is no object” when undertaking a building project. The vast majority have to grapple with limited funds, and they need to get as much value as possible from each project dollar they spend. So how can architects and engineers (AE)… Read More »

Engineering/Architecture: What’s New in 2019

By Sue Leith, PG, CPSM It’s the start of the new year, and a yearly resolution for any organization is to stay on top of the trends and innovations that will drive its industry. The architecture/engineering industry is no different. As innovations change how people live, travel, and shop, the infrastructure they interact with has… Read More »