Category: Landscape Architecture

Making a Difference, One Solution at a Time

By Thomas Pulse, PE Design professionals come in many forms. They design, engineer, landscape, survey, map, inspect, and build the infrastructure that surrounds and serves us. But they share one common characteristic: The work they do improves lives. For nearly 60 years, the professionals at Ayres Associates have been working to make your world –… Read More »

Park improvements that won’t bust your community’s budget

By Blake Theisen, PLA Watching your pennies but want to make easy-to-implement improvements to your park facilities? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. With a little creativity, even financially challenged communities can make impactful revamps. Low-cost solutions abound if you just look for them. Here are 10 things you can fit into your budget… Read More »

1-2-3 Ecology: Design That Ignores Science Doomed to Fail

By Jacob Blue, PLA How we approach design can be just as important as what we design. How nature functions at your project site can have positive or negative consequences on the long-term outcomes of that project. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin provides a good example of what can happen when form supersedes function. There is… Read More »