Category: Landscape Architecture

Unseen Project Details Play Important Roles

By Bruce Morrow, PLA, LEED AP A “welcome” sign on a newly completed project doesn’t tell the entire story of technical challenges designers overcame between the drawing board and the construction site. Challenging design questions are often answered with hidden – but vital – design elements. Here are a few examples: Can Heavy Artwork Panels… Read More »

A Decade of Changes in Infrastructure Design

With another decade in the books – and a new one starting up – it’s time to look back on some of the most interesting questions in the architecture/engineering world that technology has answered in the last 10 years. What Will the Finished Project Look Like? How can most people (who aren’t engineers or professional… Read More »

Are Your Parks Meeting Everyone’s Needs?

By Bruce Morrow, PLA, LEED AP Inclusive Accessible Interactive ADA Compliant These are all words that get thrown around interchangeably lately when designing a new park or making updates to an aging one. But how well are the needs of each park user being met? These terms may get used interchangeably, but they are very… Read More »