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Reimagining Resilience

By Keely Campbell, PG Resilience is the capacity of a system, like a community, to absorb disturbance while preserving its basic function and structure. As our communities become more and more complex, so are the hurdles they face. While efforts to foster community resilience often focus on the ability to recover from adversity, hardy resilience… Read More »

Seeing the Future: Graphic Visualizations Help Showcase Project Potential

By Chris Silewski, PLA Bringing a client’s vision to life is part of an engineer, architect, or landscape architect’s job, but until construction begins, a 2D set of plan sheets may not be enough to help people visualize what the completed project could look like. How do consultants bridge this gap? Depending on the project,… Read More »

Colorado Brings Outdoor Winter Dining Concept to Reality

Illustration courtesy of Winter Outdoor Design Workshop Charette Team By David Land, LEED AP As the COVID pandemic stretched from spring to summer, the warm weather gave struggling restaurant-owners an option to maintain and, in some cases, increase their seating capacity by bringing their patrons outdoors. While the summer weather allowed some restaurants to take… Read More »