Category: Water Resources

It Takes Special NHI Instructors to Keep Transportation/Hydraulic Engineers Up to Date

By Anthony Alvarado, PE, CFM, While a college engineering program is logically the first step to learning the ins-and-outs of the profession, ask any practicing engineer, and they will likely say their learning didn’t stop with their college diploma. In fact that’s only the beginning. Being an engineer requires continual learning to keep up with… Read More »

Plan Ahead: Proactive Approach Can Help Communities Bounce Back When Disaster Strikes

By Craig Gooding, Chris Goodwin, PE, and Craig Schuh, PE When people think of resilience, disaster recovery is often the first thing that comes to mind. But recovery is just that – bouncing back after disaster has struck. But what if communities took a proactive approach, so when disasters happen (and they will!), those communities… Read More »

Post-wildfire Stabilization: Flash Flooding and Mudslides

By Colin Barry, PG, CFM Large burning and loss of vegetation and groundcover caused by a wildfire has detrimental impacts to watersheds. With a wildfire, vegetation that usually absorbs precipitation and runoff is burned, which makes the affected area more vulnerable to flooding. Also, wildfires can “bake” the soil underground, making them temporarily impermeable, unable… Read More »