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The Lowdown on How to Protect Property Against High Water in the Great Lakes

Courtesy Bryan Nebel of Nebel Construction. By Peter Kolaszewski, PE Water in three of the Great Lakes (Erie, Ontario, and Superior) reached its highest level in a century in 2019, and more of the same is forecast for 2020. Public agencies, consultants, and homeowners are scrambling to react, and emergency permitting has been offered by… Read More »

A Decade of Changes in Infrastructure Design

With another decade in the books – and a new one starting up – it’s time to look back on some of the most interesting questions in the architecture/engineering world that technology has answered in the last 10 years. What will the finished project look like? How can most people (who aren’t engineers or professional… Read More »

Long-Term Partnership Leads to Healthy Community

Long-term relationships can bring huge benefits to everyone involved. Think about the difference between visiting the emergency room and visiting your family physician. The medical staff in the emergency room will fix your current problem, but the family physician is focused on keeping you healthy and minimizing the need for emergency treatment. It’s like that… Read More »