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Making a Difference, One Solution at a Time

By Thomas Pulse, PE Design professionals come in many forms. They design, engineer, landscape, survey, map, inspect, and build the infrastructure that surrounds and serves us. But they share one common characteristic: The work they do improves lives. For nearly 60 years, the professionals at Ayres Associates have been working to make your world –… Read More »

Grants Make Essential Dam Fixes Fiscally Feasible

By Pete Haug, PE Dams, like any other type of infrastructure, eventually need repair, reconstruction, or modification to improve safety and extend their useful life. Dams also sometimes need to be abandoned and removed. Whether it’s making repairs or taking a dam out completely, it all costs money. Case Study: Pigeon River Dam Consider the… Read More »

Sinkhole Threat Should Be Assessed and Mitigated Before Construction

By Jay Saxena, PE Just last month a hole measuring 15 feet across and 10 feet deep appeared in the back yards of residents’ homes in Pasco County, Florida. While not immediately declared an official sinkhole, the unexpected depression forced occupants out of their homes. This scenario is common in Florida, but there are other… Read More »