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Long-Term Partnership Leads to Healthy Community

Long-term relationships can bring huge benefits to everyone involved. Think about the difference between visiting the emergency room and visiting your family physician. The medical staff in the emergency room will fix your current problem, but the family physician is focused on keeping you healthy and minimizing the need for emergency treatment. It’s like that… Read More »

2D Modeling Provides Simple Route to Erosion/Sedimentation Forecasts

The road to river erosion and sedimentation predictions sometimes takes you through the world of sediment transport modeling. These days 2D hydraulic modeling often provides a simpler, less costly route to robust results. Read More »

What is Computational Fluid Dynamics/3D Hydraulic Modeling?

By Matthew Hickox, PE Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), also known as three-dimensional (3D) hydraulic modeling, is a practical way to predict and visualize how water flows in real-world conditions – including in rivers, stormwater structures, and wastewater systems. CFD solves fundamental flow equations that describe how physical laws govern fluid motion. It also provides detail… Read More »