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Post-wildfire Stabilization Requires Quick Action, Sustained Commitment

Ayres staff examines the burn patterns surrounding Comanche Reservoir in January this year to evaluate potential mitigation. By Colin Barry, PG, CFM In 2020, Colorado experienced its largest wildfire in state history. The Cameron Peak fire started August 13 west of Fort Collins in the Arapahoe and Roosevelt national forests, destroying nearly 209,000 acres before… Read More »

How Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling Solved Aging Dam Dilemma

By Matthew Hickox, PE When complex issues at dams arise due to rapid change or unforeseen deterioration, industry standard design equations and methodologies developed in the 20th century cannot always provide the correct solution. Fortunately, engineers are increasingly able to turn to computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models to confirm the hydraulics situation so that appropriate… Read More »

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: What Happens When a Failing, Historic Dam Can’t Be Repaired?

By Chris Goodwin, PE Water is powerful – not only for its ability to sustain life, but also its power to destroy. Dams are a vital part of our infrastructure and provide a range of benefits: Hydropower generation/renewable, clean energy Flood control Water storage (irrigation, recreation, residential, and industrial uses) Navigation system maintained by U.S.… Read More »