Category: Transportation Engineering

Complete Streets Can Address Aesthetic, Environmental Concerns

By Jeffrey Siewert, PE Complete Streets are created for everyone. Traditionally roadways were primarily designed for motor vehicles. Over time, roadway design has evolved to include multimodal transportation concepts and features. About the Expert: Jeffrey Siewert, PE, is a project manager in the Tampa-Hidden River Parkway office in Florida. Complete Streets elements are part of… Read More »

One-Way or the Other? Two-Way Traffic Conversion Requires Study

By Alexander Cowan, PE, PTOE A drive through the downtown area of many American cities includes time spent on one-way streets. Cities have used short segments of one-way traffic for hundreds of years to try to improve traffic flow and move higher volumes of traffic along downtown arterials. However, in recent years many communities have… Read More »

Well-designed Sidewalks Keep Pedestrians, Communities on the Move

By Jeffrey Siewert, PE Safe sidewalks are essential. They keep pedestrians connected to their communities for work and recreation, and economies thrive when well-designed sidewalks can keep all that foot traffic moving. Why build sidewalks? Here are a few reasons: Sidewalks help keep pedestrians and motorists separated and safe. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) notes… Read More »