Category: Transportation Engineering

Who Knows What You’ll Find When Building Roads

This giant boulder revealed itself during reconstruction of a city street. By Andy Dana, PE Design plans for road construction are just that – plans. However, sometimes those plans hit, shall we say, a roadblock. About the Expert: Andy Dana, PE, is a transportation project manager in Ayres’ Green Bay office. He has been involved… Read More »

Breaking Down the Zipper Merge

By Nathan Silberhorn, PE Here’s the scenario: signs warn that a lane of traffic will close soon, and two lanes of vehicles will be narrowed to one. Some drivers merge early and get to the through lane as fast as possible, then wait for traffic to advance. Others don’t seem to have a problem zooming… Read More »

Reimagining Resilience

By Keely Campbell, PG Resilience is the capacity of a system, like a community, to absorb disturbance while preserving its basic function and structure. As our communities become more and more complex, so are the hurdles they face. While efforts to foster community resilience often focus on the ability to recover from adversity, hardy resilience… Read More »