Category: Land Surveying

Geospatial Community Answers Call to Update Benchmarks

By Dick Kleinmann, PLS, and Mick Heberlein, PLS, PS, CFedS The National Geodetic Survey (NGS) rolled out a program in late 2020 asking surveyors to make GPS observations on existing benchmark monuments nationwide. The intent is to improve the vertical data model and tools that will facilitate transition to new 2022 datums. The effort will… Read More »

Coming Full Circle: 360-Degree View Aids Projects

By Paul Crocker Everything from shopping to schooling has seemingly gone virtual these days. Taking 360° virtual project tours is now possible too. If you have questions, we have answers: About the Expert: Paul Crocker is a project manager in our survey group. He performs and oversees unmanned aerial system (UAS) missions, coordinates UAS pilots… Read More »

Surveyors Stepping Up to International Foot

How long is a foot? Well, that depends on who’s doing the measuring, what state they are doing the measuring in, and what measuring “stick” they are using. Land surveyors in most U.S. states use the U.S. survey foot. The rest of the world, including some U.S. states, uses what’s known as the international foot,… Read More »