Trempealeau County Lyga Road over Traverse Valley Creek

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Trempealeau County and the Town of Burnside hired Ayres to design the replacement of the Lyga Valley Road bridge over Traverse Valley Creek. The bridge was on a curved roadway and adjacent to an unsafe intersection with CTH “X.” The intersection had an undesirable angle, making it difficult for large trucks with trailers and farm equipment to make the turn without entering into an oncoming lane of traffic.

The 600-foot-long project consisted of the structure replacement and connecting roadway approaches. The road was realigned to the north to improve the intersection with CTH “X” and to allow the existing structure to remain in service during construction, avoiding lengthy detours. The bridge width was increased from 15 feet to 24 feet. The new bridge is a 44.5-foot-long single-span concrete flat slab bridge on sill-type (A1) concrete abutments.

Services included Wisconsin Department of Transportation reports; environmental document; agency and utility coordination; roadway and structure design; preliminary and final plans; right-of-way plat; public involvement; and plans, specifications, and estimates. Special coordination was needed since parts of the roadway approaches were built by Trempealeau County, and parts were built by the contractor.

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Trempealeau County Highway Department


Town of Burnside, WI

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Structural Design & Analysis


Local Government