Hot Dog! High-Profile Project Celebrated for Handling Cheyenne Traffic Flow

Pershing Blvd construction Panorama photoConstruction and engineering firms joined the City of Cheyenne last week in publicly dedicating the successful reconstruction of East Pershing Boulevard, including reconstruction of a complex intersection as a five-leg, multi-lane roundabout. The East Pershing/Converse Avenue/19th Street roundabout was opened to traffic in December.

Among those celebrating with hot dogs and cake (perhaps doughnuts would have beenĀ appropriate for a roundabout?) were City Engineer Rob Geringer, Mark Madsen of Simon Contractors, andĀ Andrew Dana, the Ayres project manager for East Pershing.

The City hired Ayres to take care of roadway and utility design and construction engineering for the reconstruction of East Pershing from Dunn Avenue to Converse Avenue. The project was not without its doubters, and extensive public outreach was needed to address questions about the roundabout and to tell residents how to drive through it. Cantilevered sign structures were designed to direct traffic to the correct lanes at the roundabout.

Hundreds of feet of water main and sanitary sewer were also replaced as part of the project, and the design will make future utilities maintenance more convenient at the roundabout.

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