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Good Roundabout Design Balances Safety and Performance

By Kevin Kuhlow, PE Properly designed roundabouts can provide excellent operations, improve safety by reducing serious injury and fatal crashes, and provide better bicycle and pedestrian accommodations. When designed improperly, however, not only can crashes increase, but one poorly designed roundabout also can significantly hinder an agency’s ability to implement additional roundabouts. If drivers go… Read More »

What’s a Mini Roundabout, And Why Is It Effective?

One type of roundabout design starting to gain traction in the United States is the mini roundabout, which features a reduced diameter (50 to 90 feet) with a traversable central island, allowing buses and trucks to travel over the top of it. Passenger vehicles are expected to use the circular roadway around the central island.Read More »

Kuhlow Named Traffic Services Manager

Kevin Kuhlow, PE, has been named manager of our traffic services group, supervising traffic staff who provide traffic analysis and engineering services around the nation from multiple offices. Kuhlow will employ his people skills as he manages a talented group of traffic engineers and analysts who have learned from some of the best in the… Read More »