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River Hydraulics in Steep Canyon Environments

This is a view of US 34 within the Big Thompson Canyon during the final repair phase in late 2017. By John Hunt, PE; Will deRosset, PE, CFM; and Anthony Alvarado, PE, CFM The September 2013 flood in Colorado devastated the northern Front Range, causing widespread damage to critical infrastructure and transportation networks. Hundreds of… Read More »

Top 5 Reasons to Celebrate Civil Engineering

By Disa Wahlstrand, PE, LEED AP It’s National Engineers Week, which makes this a great time to celebrate all engineers. Engineers come in many specializations, from aerospace to software and everything in between. But the engineer with the greatest impact on the public good could well be the civil engineer – designer of water pipes… Read More »

Hinged Floating Bulkhead Saves Time, Money on Hydro Projects

By Chris Goodwin, PE When a dam needs maintenance, operators need to get the water away from the structure so the work can be done. Achieving dry working conditions can be difficult and time consuming. The hinged floating bulkhead has proved to be a safe and speedy way to get the water out and repairs… Read More »