Tag: Unmanned Aerial Systems

UAS Oblique Imagery Helps in Design and Monitoring of Projects

By Paul Crocker Drones have revolutionized managers’ ability to collect updated imagery for project design and construction monitoring. While the standard nadir (straight down) imagery and lidar is commonly used for topographic mapping and planimetrics, oblique imagery is another valuable option to build a complete picture of the project site. About the Expert: Paul Crocker,… Read More »

UAS Technology Delivers Precise Orthoimagery, Quality Inspections

By Paul Crocker The latest in drone-mounted medium format metric camera technology delivers benefits to clients who require high-precision orthoimagery over areas that are too small for a traditional manned aircraft approach or who need superior-quality inspection imagery delivered by unmanned aerial systems (UAS). About the Expert: Paul Crocker, an FAA certified UAS pilot with… Read More »

Latest UAS Lidar Technology Delivers Quality Data More Efficiently

By Paul Crocker Lidar isn’t just for airplanes anymore. With the advent of large, extremely stable unmanned aerial systems matched with quality lidar sensors, it’s possible to gather dense and feature-rich data over a 50-acre area in a single flight. About the Expert: Paul Crocker, an FAA certified UAS pilot with 20-plus years of GIS… Read More »