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Geospatial Technology Evolving But Rooted in Fundamentals

By Zach Nienow, GISP, and Aaron Sale Drones. HD scanning. 3D surface modeling. The technological tools of the trade are ever evolving in the geospatial industry. Ever wonder if the basic principles of photogrammetry still matter? They do! And if you ask us, the science behind aerial imagery and photogrammetry is more relevant today than… Read More »

Struggling with Data Storage? Cloud Hosting May be Your Solution

By Zachary Nienow, GISP Think for a moment about the typical digital photos you take on your personal camera or cell phone. Each selfie, vacation picture, or candid shot of your kids is likely 5 to 10 megabytes in size. Now imagine a typical countywide high-resolution orthoimagery project, which can be up to 1 terabyte.… Read More »

Racing with the Sun

“We’re mobilizing to the site.” Those words from our flight acquisition partner are music to the ears of geospatial supervisor Aaron Sale. It means we’re about to start acquiring the orthoimagery our clients need. Orthoimagery is derived from high-resolution aerial photography and can be used for identifying and measuring – at highly detailed accuracy levels… Read More »