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Mobile Devices, Fieldwork Apps, and Gear Lighten Engineers’ Load

By Dusty Robinson The advent of smartphones, tablets, and bluetooth GPS units has decidedly altered the way engineers, surveyors, and technicians conduct their business when out in the field. Before this new era, collecting data in the field (whether that be survey, construction plan review, construction observation, site assessments, or any other number of fieldwork… Read More »

Game On! Pokémon Go and Real-World Applications

As people scour the countryside trying to catch Pokémon, engineers and architects and scientists are working from top to bottom and side to side – calculating X Y coordinates and using sophisticated 3D analysis tools – to perform specialized and highly technical geographic work not unlike the GPS-driven augmented reality game. Pokémon Go, the wildly… Read More »

Mapping Acquisition Flights Cover 43 Wisconsin Counties in 45 Days

On Thursday the final flight lines of the Wisconsin Regional Orthophotography Consortium (WROC) 2015 program were flown, and that means some really useful mapping and data will be on its way to more than 100 clients across Wisconsin by the end of the year. The WROC contractor team of Ayres Associates and Quantum Spatial deployed… Read More »