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Healthy Office Design More Important than Ever

By David Delfosse and Anne Peterson The pandemic has many office employees working from home rather than risk the close quarters of many existing office buildings. While effective, it doesn’t quite replace the collaboration and continuation of a company’s culture that comes from people working together in the same building. To maintain your office for… Read More »

Top Tips for Making the Most of Building Renovations

Just as any new home needs curb appeal, a business space needs to be able to make a solid first impression to draw in customers and clients. While the renovation process can be complicated, it doesn’t have to be painful. We’ve renovated hundreds of office, senior living, retail, and government buildings throughout the years, and… Read More »

Senior Living Interiors Need to Impress, Perform, and Last

By Anne Peterson, NCIDQ When most people think of interior design, they think of someone with an eye for color and a flair for accessories who picks out paint, flooring, and stylish décor. When it comes to interior design for senior living communities, however, the reality can be much more challenging due to the special… Read More »