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Deficient Bridges Need Attention

Our country’s need to do something about its deteriorating bridges has been well documented in recent years. That point was driven home again recently with the release of the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) annual bridge report. The report analyzed 2019 data released by the Federal Highway… Read More »

What Happens When a Bridge on a Dead-End Road Needs Repair?

By Dan Sydow, PE When a bridge on a dead-end road needs repair or replacement, it creates a special set of challenges for the people who live on the other side or who need to reach the other side. A short detour is simply not an option, so we turn to other ideas when a… Read More »

Tale of Two Centuries: How to Save a Historic Bridge

It was three years after the Model T became the first mass-produced automobile when a salesman from the Iowa Bridge Company met with the City of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, to extol the virtues of a new type of bridge from the Marsh Engineering Company. The attractive rainbow-arched bridge with glass globe lanterns at each of… Read More »