Waukesha County Rock Freeway (I-43) Upgrade

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This project involves rehabilitating or resurfacing about 12 miles of I-43 between STH 83 and CTH O. The project includes multiple project segments with construction spread over several years.

The southern 7-mile segment from STH 83 to south of STH 164 involves rubblizing and resurfacing with HMA pavement, along with rehabilitation of 10 structures by either deck replacement and widening or by superstructure replacement and widening. Bridges and approach roadway will be widened to 56 feet to accommodate future southeast freeway reconstruction.

The I-43 bridges over STH 164 are being reconstructed to a 60-foot width with two-span structures that improve vertical and lateral clearances to current standards. The STH 164 interchange will be reconstructed with signalized intersections at the ramp terminals.

The northern 5-mile segment from north of STH 164 to south of CTH O involves mill and overlay with HMA pavement. The two I-43 structures over Martin Road are being rehabilitated by deck replacement and widening to address significant bridge maintenance needs. Bridges and approach roadway width are 60 feet to accommodate future southeast freeway reconstruction.

Project Information

Client's Name

Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Southeast Region


Waukesha County, WI

Primary Service

Roadway Design


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