Sheboygan CTH LS (CTH MM to Orchard Road) Relocation

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The Sheboygan County Highway Department hired Ayres to design the relocation of approximately 1.6 miles of CTH “LS” between CTH “MM” and a point north of Orchard Road. The project was necessitated by the danger of the roadway being undermined by unstable bluffs along Lake Michigan east of the roadway.

Bridge design was completed for relocation of the crossing of Meeme Creek, and all intersections were upgraded to Wisconsin Department of Transportation Type D designs. The relocated roadway required intersection realignments and town road extensions. Coordination with local homeowners and farmers to provide proper access from the new highway corridor was an important component of this project, along with properly dealing with drainage and environmental issues, as the new roadway passes through undeveloped lands.

Services included project administration, environmental documentation, agency coordination and permitting, utility coordination, public involvement, survey, soils investigations, and preliminary and final roadway design with plans and specifications.

Construction was completed in 2014 by County crews.

Project Information

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Sheboygan County Transportation Department


Sheboygan County, WI

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Roadway Design


Local Government