Columbia CTH V Reconstruction

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Columbia County hired Ayres to design the reconstruction of approximately 4 miles of CTH V from STH 113 to CTH J. The westerly 2-mile segment of the project passes through a highly developed residential area serving many private residences along the shorelines of Lake Wisconsin. The roadway in this area is to be reconstructed as an urban roadway and currently has a substandard roadway section and vertical and horizontal alignments.

The preliminary design and plans were prepared for a new bridge carrying CTH V over Lake Wisconsin. Navigational clearance improvements and staged construction were key considerations. Final plans were prepared for three locations along the project requiring culvert structures. The structures involved two- and three-cell corrugated steel arch pipes with cast-in-place concrete headwalls.

Project challenges included context-sensitive design and extensive public involvement.

Because of a lack of construction funding, the County decided to place a majority of the westerly portion of the project on hold indefinitely, stopping the design before a 60% plan submittal. However, final plans and specifications were prepared for the reconditioning of the easterly 2 miles of the project, which includes replacing the pavement and making geometric improvements to smooth out curves and hills. This section was constructed in 2015.

In addition, Columbia County used STP funding to reconstruct a portion of CTH V from STH 113 to the structure spanning the Okee Bay/Spring Creek Inlet. Work for this segment included realignment of CTH V, crossing of the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad, a new curb and gutter section, additional street parking, sidewalk, storm sewer, and deck replacement. Services included submission of a traffic management plan; holding two public information meetings; agency and utility coordination; preparation of road and structure plans; and plans, specifications, and estimates.

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Columbia County Highway Department


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