Deficient Bridges Need Attention

Our country’s need to do something about its deteriorating bridges has been well documented in recent years. That point was driven home again recently with the release of the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) annual bridge report. The report analyzed 2019 data released by the Federal Highway… Read More »

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Ayres Lidar Online: Viewing Your World in a 3D Space

Colorized lidar point cloud in the 3D viewer By Adam Derringer, GISP Lidar data has become the accepted authoritative elevation dataset in the world; federal agencies, states, counties, utilities, and the private sector alike budget for this data to help solve problems every day. The problem is, only a few people in any organization can… Read More »

Something to Celebrate: Long-Term Partnerships

So far, the year 2020 has brought surprise after (frequently unwelcome) surprise. One thing that hasn’t been surprising is the dedication of many essential service workers. Beyond healthcare and emergency workers, municipal and utility workers all over the nation also showed their dedication by keeping the lights on, the water running, the garbage picked up,… Read More »

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