Subsurface Utility Engineering: A Wise Investment

By Kasey Hayes In today’s world, building and rebuilding are facts of life – from wider roads to larger housing complexes, bigger buildings, and revitalized downtowns. While these changes to roads and buildings are highly visible, within every project is an often-underemphasized component – the utility infrastructure. About the Expert: Kasey Hayes is a subsurface… Read More »

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Complete Streets Can Address Aesthetic, Environmental Concerns

By Jeffrey Siewert, PE Complete Streets are created for everyone. Traditionally roadways were primarily designed for motor vehicles. Over time, roadway design has evolved to include multimodal transportation concepts and features. About the Expert: Jeffrey Siewert, PE, is a project manager in the Tampa-Hidden River Parkway office in Florida. Complete Streets elements are part of… Read More »

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Climate Change Intensifies Stormwater Challenges

By Karen Menné-Jacobsen April showers have long been celebrated for their delivery of May flowers. But due to the Earth’s relentlessly changing climate, showers and snowstorms that occur every month of the year are doing so at increasingly torrential rates. And that poses significant challenges related to stormwater and how to handle it. About the… Read More »

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