A Guide to Low-tech Process-based Restoration

By Colin Barry, PG What is Low-tech Process-based Restoration? The Need and History of LTPBR Total Benefits of LTPBR LTPBR Goals and Ideology Top Applications for LTPBR What is Low-tech Process-based Restoration? Low-tech Process-based Restoration (LTPBR) is a cost-effective and scalable approach to stream restoration that creates flow complexity in streams through use of increased… Read More »

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The Ins and Outs of Traffic Studies

By Alexander Cowan, PE, PTOE The need for new developments and the adaptive reuse of repurposing older built spaces is constantly growing. Although the momentum of housing projects and developments may vary with the health of the economy and changing market conditions, there is a constant drive to provide the living spaces that our society… Read More »

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Ventilation Requirements for EV in Multi-Family and Mixed-Use Construction

It’s been over a year since California’s Air Resources Board approved a rule requiring 100% of cars and light trucks in California to have zero emissions by 2035. Since then, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington have adopted similar rules prohibiting gas-powered vehicles in 2035. As a result, building codes are changing to reflect… Read More »