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Does My Bridge Need An Inspection?

Inspections are not required for this “nonqualifying” bridge in Broomfield, Colorado, but the City and County have such structures inspected regularly anyway. By Brian Schroeder, PE, CBI, CWI The federal government oversees and tracks the inspection and condition of the nation’s more than 600,000 bridges and pays for much of the repair and replacement to… Read More »

What Is Bridge Scour? Why Should You Care?

The most common cause of bridge failures is from floods scouring bed material surrounding bridge foundations. What is scour? Simply put, scour is the engineering term for the erosion of soil surrounding a bridge foundation (piers and abutments). Bridge scour occurs when fast-moving water around a bridge removes sediment from around the bridge foundation, leaving… Read More »

FHWA Hydraulic Videos Train Engineers

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recently expanded its YouTube presence by creating a series of educational videos that showcase the use of a portable flume to visualize open-channel flow and culvert design concepts. The portable flume is a small open channel (6 inches wide and 5 feet long) that fits on a tabletop and recirculates… Read More »