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Eclipse Traffic Congestion? Planning Provides Cure

By John Davis, PE, PTOE Most metropolitan areas experience traffic congestion. Commuters endure hours of travel to get to their destinations, and traffic engineers work tirelessly to untangle those traffic tie-ups. New construction, highway expansion, and public transit are all solutions to recurring congestion. But what about special events that may only draw commuting crowds… Read More »

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Studying Scour: FDOT Unknown Foundation Program Becomes Nationwide Model

Structural and geotechnical engineers count on support from the soils beneath a foundation to help provide motorists safe passage from Point A to Point B. In many states, bridge foundation support is achieved by piles that are driven deep into the ground. The piles penetrate and are embedded in the soils immediately beneath the bridge… Read More »

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Five Dam Engineering Terms That Hold Water

Most of us are familiar with dams and their basic function, but what about everything else that falls under the water resources umbrella? We can’t cover them all here, but let’s look at some not so weir-d words engineers use to describe some pretty practical structures. What’s a Weir? A weir is generally part of… Read More »

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