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Roundabouts: A New Way Through

To the uninitiated, driving through a roundabout for the first time can be a little intimidating and confusing. Or it can just plain make you dizzy (but only if you forget to exit). The fact is, roundabouts are growing in popularity as people realize their many benefits. According to the website RoundaboutsUSA, the number of… Read More »

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Leader in Roundabout Design Joins Ayres

Kevin Kuhlow, PE, has joined Ayres Associates’ transportation engineering staff as a project manager and lead roundabout designer. Kevin has over 19 years of transportation design and project management experience, and for the past eight years he has focused entirely on roundabouts, including operational analysis, feasibility studies, design, review, construction observation assistance, and training. Kevin… Read More »

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The Bridges of Wisconsin

Our Wisconsin structural design group is on a mission: design a new structure or repairs to an existing structure in every county in Wisconsin. After digging through our records, we found we’re oh-so-close to meeting this goal. Of the 72 counties in Wisconsin, Adams County is the only one where our structural designers have not… Read More »

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Hospital Grows a Healing Space

Gardens are in full bloom this summer – including the healing garden at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. A few years ago hospital representatives sought the services of Ayres Associates’ landscape architect Phil Johnson to help them design a therapeutic garden on their grounds. With substantial input from colleagues, Phil designed an award-winning… Read More »

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Interns Build Resumes with Real-World Experience (Part 2)

This year four university students are getting their feet wet as summer interns and co-op students in three of Ayres Associates’ offices. Today’s post is the second of two installments introducing you to our current student staff. Summer interns work from mid-May to mid-August and can be at any level in their college careers. Co-op… Read More »

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Interns Build Resumes with Real-World Experience (Part 1)

Four university students are getting their hands dirty – sometimes literally – as summer interns and co-op students in three of Ayres Associates’ offices. A summer intern works from mid-May to mid-August and can be at any level in his or her college career. Co-op students work a summer and a semester and need to… Read More »

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Breaking the Hard Hat Color Code

Look around any construction site, and you’ll see a lot of protective gear – reflective vests, steel-toed boots, and, of course, hard hats. Look close enough, and you’ll see that those hard hats come in a variety of colors. That’s generally not an indication of individual fashion statements, however. Often the colors are a shorthand… Read More »

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Landscaping That’s Good Enough to Eat

You may have heard of “drinking in the scenery,” but did you know you can eat the landscape? Edible landscaping can involve integrating plants that bear fruit, berries, and nuts into a compact office site. Or it can entail a sizable urban orchard or other planting that provides beauty as well as a crop to… Read More »

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X Marks the Spot: What Is That Thing?

Ever notice those big white X’s painted on roads? If you haven’t, you’ll probably start noticing them now. (And you may also see T- or L-shaped versions). They’re known as aerial targets, and their purpose is to provide control for aerial mapping flights. But it’s not control in the conventional sense of “control freak.” In… Read More »

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Keep On Truckin’!

When Marvin Finendale of Superior, Wisconsin, won an Ayres Associates “cashew truck” at the recent Wisconsin County Highway Association Conference, he knew just what to do. The truck, which usually holds Ayres’ trademark cashew snacks during conferences, soon was holding a little peanut, Finendale’s grandson Parker! The cashew truck is a regular feature in our… Read More »

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