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Top Tips for Successful Permits

Water Works Park in Tampa, Florida, required permitting from more than 20 agencies and interested parties, ranging from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Without permits, projects don’t happen. Whether you want to fix a road or build a new office, fly a drone or dredge a lake,… Read More »

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Pavement Markings, Crosswalk Beacons Help Students Get Back to School

Green bike lanes and bike box and continental crosswalks in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin By Tristan Hickman, PE As students in many parts of the nation begin a new academic year, families face the question of how their children will safely reach school. If the commute is relatively short, a simple and healthy solution is for children… Read More »

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Unidirectional Flushing Scrubs Water Mains, Fire Hydrants

By Pete Kolaszewski, PE To maintain their water supply systems, communities schedule routine water main and fire hydrant flushing, which removes sediments, deposits, and biofilm buildup from water systems and improves overall water quality. A unidirectional flushing program (UDF), however, takes those routine flushes a step further. How Does Unidirectional Flushing Work? In general, UDF… Read More »

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