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Ayres Helps Pack Medical Gear for Ebola Zone and Beyond

A group of Ayres Associates leaders and managers recently stepped out of the office and into a medical warehouse, all in the name of the greater good. An 18-member group spent the morning of Oct. 17 helping the nonprofit organization Advocates for World Health (AWH) sort through surplus medical supplies in its Tampa, Florida, warehouse.… Read More »

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Colorado Floods: A Year Later

It’s been a little over a year now since employees in our Colorado offices experienced a catastrophic flood, giving our water resources engineers a chance to put their skills to a serious test. The September 2013 flood made national headlines and sent the state scrambling to deal first with the emergency and then with the… Read More »

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Living the Good (Remediated) Life at Carroll University

They may not realize it, but a group of Carroll University undergraduate students is living in popular new residence halls with a curious back story. Ayres environmental engineer Lynn Scherbert knows the story well: She managed the project that transformed a once-blighted, vacant industrial area of Waukesha, Wisconsin, into a thriving student housing complex. The… Read More »

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