Tag: Urban Planning

How to Think Like A Developer: Getting the Most from Public/Private Partnerships

By Amanda Arnold, AICP and Mike Scholl, EDFP Have you ever wondered why one redevelopment project moves forward while another one stalls? What makes it work for the developer? How can a jurisdiction create incentives for developers, and what should those incentives be? Too often communities are left asking, “Did we give away too much?”… Read More »

Strategic Planning for Investments in Outdoor Recreation and Infrastructure

By Amanda Arnold, AICP Communities seeking to grow in their economic resilience may be tempted to put the cart before the horse. Local leaders and stakeholders must be mindful not to launch new projects and/or programs before doing the self-examination and strategic planning necessary to promote success. Examples where an introspective and strategic planning approach… Read More »

Downtown Planning Reinvigorates Urban Cores

By Matt Ashby In the era of strip malls, big box retailers, and suburbia, countless communities across the country are struggling to keep their downtowns thriving. As stores and restaurants locate around many city and town perimeters, the communities’ urban cores are being neglected. However, thanks to the efforts of a nationwide Main Street Movement,… Read More »