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Transportation Designers Avoid Cemeteries – and Not Just on Halloween

By Troy Robillard, PE Our transportation engineers avoid cemeteries at all costs – not because they’re spooky (especially on Halloween) but because having a road run into a burial site causes all sorts of headaches for clients, contractors, and the design team. A current intersection reconstruction project on CTH CE and Railroad Street in the… Read More »

Planning with an Eagle Eye: Highway Project Brings Bird-Watching Bonus

By Chris Silewski, PLA If you have a public space to design, it’s best to ask the public what they would like designed. Then be ready to work with the many public sector entities, businesses, and organizations that all need the project to fit in reasonably with surrounding infrastructure and stakeholders’ dreams for the future.… Read More »

Pushing Your Luck? Heed Advisory Speeds

By Troy Robillard, PE People ask me from time to time about those yellow speed signs that can be found on sharp highway curves, on and off ramps, or any place where drivers should exercise caution, such as a narrow bridge. What are those called? Can law enforcement pull you over for exceeding those speeds?… Read More »