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Piecing Projects Together: Permit Puzzle Lays Foundation for Site Development

By Gareth Shambeau, PE Wherever you go, chances are you’ll encounter some kind of construction project, whether it be minor road repairs on your commute or a major undertaking to prepare a site for a big-box store. What you see isn’t always what you get – by the time you drive by and see that… Read More »

Homebuilding Project Provides New Perspective

By Disa Wahlstrand, PE, LEED AP Being a civil engineer for 22 years equips you with a fair amount of information about site development projects. I know there needs to be a firm foundation for a building, good drainage, access for utilities, and adherence to local regulations, among other standard considerations. But I learned a… Read More »

Fibonacci Spiral: Design Imitates Nature

It’s only appropriate that in a place devoted to higher education, even the site design should reflect the search for knowledge. The redesigned central campus at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire honors math, science, art – even music – with two Fibonacci spirals embedded in the South Schofield Lawn. The spiral design begins with the… Read More »