Tag: Pedestrian Safety

Are Main Streets Making a Natural Comeback?

By Bruce Morrow, PLA, LEED AP In 2017 more brick-and-mortar store closings were announced than in any other year on record, driven in large part by online shopping. Yet plenty of consumers want a different experience – and planners are helping to provide that. Planners are designing downtowns that attract more people for shopping, business,… Read More »

Why Trails Matter: For Starters, Economy and Safety

Infrastructure investments often focus on roads, bridges, and water and sewer utilities. However, trails and greenways are also essential infrastructure components. Trails help protect ecosystems and connect humans and nature, fostering increased physical activity and improved health. But the impacts of trails extend far beyond their recreational or environmental aspects. Economic Boosters Quality trails can… Read More »

Wauwatosa Goes Green on Bike-Friendly Street

What’s black and red and green all over on North Avenue in the Wisconsin city of Wauwatosa? That’s the newly reconstructed black asphalt roadway with its red-painted crosswalks and, most prominently, its bright green bike lanes and bike boxes along 16 city blocks. Wauwatosa leaders and others celebrated the City’s first bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly roadway… Read More »