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Strategic Planning for Investments in Outdoor Recreation and Infrastructure

By Amanda Arnold, AICP Communities seeking to grow in their economic resilience may be tempted to put the cart before the horse. Local leaders and stakeholders must be mindful not to launch new projects and/or programs before doing the self-examination and strategic planning necessary to promote success. Examples where an introspective and strategic planning approach… Read More »

Park improvements that won’t bust your community’s budget

Watching your pennies but want to make easy-to-implement improvements to your park facilities? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. With a little creativity, even financially challenged communities can make impactful revamps. Low-cost solutions abound if you just look for them. Here are 10 things you can fit into your budget yet this year: 10.… Read More »

Closed Landfills: Managing Limitations, Seeing Possibilities

You may have read in our last post about the surprisingly long list of facilities that can be built on top of a closed landfill. Whether it’s exercise facilities for athletes or their faithful canine companions, outdoor event sites, or trails to enjoy nature, closed landfills are being turned into useful places that no one… Read More »