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Building Bridges without Tangling Traffic

By Dave Pantzlaff, PE Quite often in our world of designing bridges for clients, we come across situations where we cannot simply close the road, take out or rehabilitate the existing bridge, and provide a detour for the public while the bridge is under construction. Maybe the bridge is on a dead-end road, providing the… Read More »

Sewage Plant’s Struvite Problem Turned Into Useful Fertilizer

The process of harvesting struvite (magnesium ammonium phosphate) to remove excess phosphorus from the anaerobic digestion process at wastewater treatment plants is simultaneously reducing operations/maintenance costs and creating small, round struvite particles suitable for reuse as a bagged fertilizer for gardens and indoor plants. An award-winning technical paper whose abstract is available here has called… Read More »

What Does Brownfield Redevelopment Cost? Right Question Is ‘What Does It Pay?’

If you have a blighted area in your community, you can view it as a liability, or you can see it as an opportunity. That brownfield is probably shouting “ugly, ugly, ugly!” to all who drive by, but it might also be whispering “location, location, location.” Communities that can see beyond the scars and understand… Read More »