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Innovative Intersections Make Roads Safer

By Kevin Kuhlow, PE, and Alexander Cowan, PE, PTOE Most drivers have either been involved with or have witnessed a scary crash or near miss at an intersection. About the Expert: Kevin Kuhlow, PE, manages transportation services in our Madison, Wisconsin, office. He has been involved with developing hundreds of innovative intersections and roundabouts throughout… Read More »

Bike Lanes, Intersection Improvements Can Change Urban Barrier into Friendlier Corridor

While heavy traffic is part of living in the big city, communities need not sit idly by as their arterial streets become unnecessarily clogged by outdated technology – or begin to feel like dangerous canyons that pedestrians and bicyclists fear to even attempt crossing. Traffic engineers hold the key to streets where shared use by… Read More »

Safer Intersections Turning Up in Wisconsin

J-turn intersections are starting to work their way into Wisconsin, usually where a fairly busy state or county road meets a 65 mph four-lane highway. You can find them near Superior (US 53 and County Highway B) and Green Bay (State Highway 29 and County Highway VV, which was designed by Ayres). Several more are… Read More »