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It Just Makes Cents: Four Ways to Save Money on Your New Building

Few people in the world can truly say “money is no object” when undertaking a building project. The vast majority have to grapple with limited funds, and they need to get as much value as possible from each project dollar they spend. So how can architects and engineers (AE) help their clients do that? Keeping… Read More »

Engineers Make It Happen – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

By Disa Wahlstrand, PE, LEED AP There’s a saying: “The optimist sees the glass as half full. The pessimist sees the glass as half empty. The engineer sees the glass as twice as big as it needs to be.” If you are an engineer or know one, you probably just nodded and maybe laughed! This… Read More »

Is Planning Easier with a Charrette? You Bet

Pronounced [shuh-ret] and spelled with either one or two r’s, a charrette is defined as “a public meeting or workshop devoted to a concerted effort to solve a problem or plan the design of something. A period of intense work, typically undertaken in order to meet a deadline.” A charrette is a short, intensive design… Read More »