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Recipe for Great Downtown: Make it Destination with Deep Roots and Authentically Local Flavor

  What Makes a Great Downtown? Keep things authentic by incorporating a community’s history Tell a story with design Improve access to popular locales Make spaces flexible to accommodate multiple uses and purpose Planning for programming opportunities   All communities have the best of intentions when it comes to their downtowns. In most cases, this… Read More »

Why Urban Design Matters

  Why does Urban Design Matter? It ties together the moving parts of architecture, engineering, and planning to create one cohesive space.   Urban design is all about juggling – and arranging – a multitude of moving parts to holistically create a feeling. No, a place. No, a place with a certain feeling. Ultimately a… Read More »

What’s the Cost of Not Fixing a Brownfield? Plenty

You’ve probably heard the term before: brownfield. What is a brownfield, beyond just, well, a brown field? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a brownfield is a blighted property whose redevelopment may be complicated by real or perceived environmental contaminants. In other words, brownfields are community eyesores that need to be cleaned up. And that… Read More »