Kern Avenue Extension & East South Street Reconstruction

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This multifaceted project reconstructed East South Street and extended Kern Avenue, creating an alternative north-south connection in Rice Lake that relieved Main Street of some of its traffic burden. Working with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the City of Rice Lake, Ayres improved pavement conditions and storm sewer on East South Street and supported planned development efforts in the area of the new Kern Avenue segment.

The main purpose of the Kern Avenue portion of the project from East South Street to Main Street was to create an alternative north-south connection that would take some traffic off Main Street, which was beginning to experience more volume than it could handle. Another goal in building a new segment of Kern Avenue was to support the City’s desire to develop the surrounding land. The City had planned for commercial development on Kern Avenue, as well as development of future roads and housing off the new road.

The driving factors behind the East South Street project were deteriorating pavement conditions and an insufficient existing storm sewer. The City was experiencing flooding at the intersection of East South Street and Main Street during heavy rain events and wanted to upsize the storm sewer, modify the discharges, and add a new pavement surface on the roadway. The project accomplished all three objectives while dramatically improving conditions for motorists traveling in this high-traffic urban area.

Both projects also incorporated on-street bicycle accommodations as well as better connectivity of existing sidewalks and paths.

The City’s offer to use excess earthwork from the project to begin grading for a future sled hill at Moon Lake Park led to innovation and good results. Special provisions were written up to allow for placing project waste material at this site, and the sled hill was completed as part of this project.

Ayres detected multiple cost-saving opportunities during the design process. Engineers determined the existing storm sewer outfall on East South Street was of adequate size and still in good condition and did not need to be replaced. The storm sewer was designed to incorporate this existing outfall into the design, thus reducing costs and limiting impacts on the existing detention pond. On street segments where sidewalks and on-street parking were deemed unnecessary, they were omitted, thus controlling project costs.

Services included design reports; environmental documentation; hazardous materials assessment; agency coordination; utility coordination; public involvement; meetings; surveys; road plans; plats; and plans, specifications, and estimates.

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