Greendale West Grange Avenue Rehabilitation

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West Grange Avenue and South 60th Street are urban arterials running east-west and north-south through the Village of Greendale. The 1971 concrete pavement exhibited many distresses and was in need of rehabilitation/reconditioning. The 1.2-mile project included concrete pavement rubblization, curb and gutter repairs, bituminous concrete pavement, traffic signals, street lighting, sidewalk replacements, storm sewer and drainage improvements, pavement marking, and signage.

The West Grange project was one of the first in southeastern Wisconsin to integrate median bioretention features to improve stormwater quality. Traffic signals were constructed at the intersection of Northway and West Grange to create a three-legged signalized intersection. A future north leg and eastbound to north left-turn lane will be constructed when redevelopment plans for Southridge Mall are identified. The existing signals at South 70th Street and West Grange were removed. New signals were added at West Grange’s intersections with South 68th Street and South 60th Street.

This project was delivered on an accelerated 12-month design time frame. The Ayres design team received an excellent rating of 4.2/5.0 on the project performance evaluation.

This project was featured as one of the country’s top green infrastructure solutions by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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Village of Greendale


Greendale, WI

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Roadway Design


Local Government