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Engineering Careers Have Solid Future

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates civil engineering, surveying, and environmental engineering are among the technical fields that will see job growth exceeding the overall 7% projected U.S. job growth rate between 2016 and 2026. Civil and environmental engineering technicians holding two-year degrees also will be in high demand, according to the Bureau of… Read More »

Painting the Town Red: What Colors Tell Us About Underground Utilities

With spring setting in and the construction season beginning in earnest, you may notice some “graffiti” marking up a sidewalk, intersection, or lawn in your neighborhood. The varied paint colors (often accompanied by bouquets of small flags) may just seem like clutter as you move past. But for those who will be digging there soon,… Read More »

Scholarships Open Doors to Engineering Careers

How can I find engineering-specific scholarships? ACEC offers several. The deadline to apply is in March. A new year brings new opportunities, as the saying goes. And in civil engineering and related disciplines, employment opportunities abound for 2017 and beyond. Buildings and roads are being erected, the housing market has returned to a promising level, and… Read More »