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A Short Course in Environmental Acronyms

Under NEPA, the EPA (or DOT, NRCS, USDA, or another federal agency) oversees EIA and EIS processes. On the other hand, FWS and NMFS are responsible for overseeing the ESA. OMG. Sometimes the federal government seems to have a language all its own. To help you navigate your way through that territory, here’s a tourist… Read More »

Well-Engineered Landfills Protect Water Supply

By Bill Honea, PG Water is always on the move: down from the clouds as rain or snow, into the soil and eventually groundwater, back out again through streams and wells, evaporating from water bodies and transpiring from plants and animals back into the atmosphere to return to us again as precipitation. The water we… Read More »

Dam Safety Starts with Careful Inspections

It’s Dam Safety Awareness Week in Wisconsin, and state residents and visitors are being reminded to be careful around dams by staying alert to changing conditions and obeying all warning signs. And while those are crucial safety tips, there’s another element to ensuring dam safety: The dams themselves need to be safe. The Wisconsin Department… Read More »