Tag: Structural Inspection

Bridge Inspectors Minimize Downtime to Maximize Value for Clients

By Brian Schroeder, PE, ITL, CWI Efficient use of staff time keeps projects moving forward and translates into cost savings for our clients. But what if the work can’t be done in front of a computer, or even in an office? What if a day’s work requires in-state or sometimes cross-country travel? How do you… Read More »

Inspectors Make Sure Gorgeous Bridges Are Safe Bridges

By Brian Schroeder, PE, CBI, CWI, and Rick Maslyn, CBI MSN.com recently compiled a listing of “Gorgeous Photos of Bridges in Every State.” The photos range from suspension and cable-stayed bridges crossing major water bodies to pedestrian bridges in parks. What unites these and most of the approximately 600,000 structures in the United States is… Read More »

A Proactive Program at Work: Investing in Dam Repairs Averts Crisis

By Chris Goodwin, PE Dams are an integral part of our lives, providing recreational opportunities, power generation, flood control, wildlife habitat, and other important functions. More than 2,100 high-hazard-potential dams are operating in the United States, as reported in the American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2017 Infrastructure Report Card. Their failure could result in the… Read More »