Tag: Stormwater Management

Permeable Pavement, Pavers Can Be Part of Stormwater Management Solution

Here’s an intriguing thought: Sometimes the best pavement surface is one that isn’t dense and solid. Permeable pavement – also called pervious paving – allows runoff and rainfall to infiltrate through the surface to the soil below. That can be a real asset for communities searching for ways to more effectively move water off streets,… Read More »

Best Management Practices Clean, Control Stormwater

Most communities have a substantial investment in a system that historically has been nearly invisible: the system of drains and pipes that diverts stormwater and snow melt from streets, sidewalks, and parking lots. If it’s working correctly, the system does its job, water disappears, and people go on with their day. It’s a natural system… Read More »

For Much of Florida, Water Water Everywhere, Here and There a Drainage Problem

Floridians are accustomed to summer rain, especially from April to October – the so-called “rainy season.” With the state’s extreme heat and humidity, the frequent, quick downpours are usually a welcomed respite. This year, however, some areas are wetter than usual (southwest), while others accustomed to moisture (the Panhandle and southeast) are in extreme drought.… Read More »